Four reasons why I Love my Coconut Bowl

May 05, 2017

Written by Sass Woods (Republished from Fit Malta Muma)

I’ve had my eye on these bowls for a while now and was thrilled to find out that they are now available locally from Flavours for Health. Get ready to fall in love with these beauties and I’ll give you 4 reasons why I am already “coconuts” over mine …

  1. Eco-friendly product alert

    Most of the coconut shells that are harvested each year for oil, water and flesh are discarded and burned as waste. This burning is hazardous to the environment, humans and animals alike. The bowls are made out of coconut shells that are reclaimed from companies that treat them as a bi-product after their flesh and water have been extracted. Therefore when you buy a bowl you are actively supporting global sustainability!

  2. I’m not like the rest

    Can you believe that each one of these bowls is unique with its own natural shape, size, colour and pattern? It’s pretty cool knowing that if you purchase a bowl no one in the world will have the same one!

  3. How can I use you? Let me count the ways ..

    These bowls are totally safe to eat out of; they are made from 100% natural coconuts and contain no artificial glues or lacquers. Although they are suitable for both hot and cold foods, they cannot be placed in a microwave, oven or a fridge – instead use your bowl for porridge, smoothie bowls, “nice” cream, buddha bowls, noodles or even salads. The added bonus is that they are fun to eat out of and they look pretty damn special too.

  4. It’s always nice to play fair

    The company responsible for making these bowls supports fair trade practices. They currently have workshops in Indonesia and Vietnam and employ people within the local communities that they work with. They are also in the process of developing an initiative that will allow you to measure your impact from reclaiming a coconut bowl – pretty awesome if you ask me!

Coconut "The Tree Of Life"

August 17, 2016


They’re everywhere – be it a mat for the floor, the water to refresh and quench our thirst, the milk to liven up a meal or the oil to….well we all know the numerous amazing uses for the oil!  

Its cultivation is also one of the most sustainable practices on earth. Coconut trees can grow up to 100 feet and continue to yield coconuts for up to a century, bearing around 60 coconuts every 45 days!

Who’d have thought that this rather odd looking, hairy, hard ball shape could have so many uses and be used all the world over?


Well, where to even begin with this? There are so many uses:

The coconut provides us with so many nourishing and delicious foods! The meat is used to produce coconut oil, milk, desiccated coconut, nectar, sugar, while the water of the coconut is used mostly as a rehydration drink.

The rough husk and the shell of the coconut are used separately or together. The husk makes for a great natural exfoliant or pot plant but it is the shell of the coconut that we are most fond of :) The shell makes for beautiful, natural and sturdy bowls and utensils!

The less common parts of the coconut that you may use come from the actual tree itself. The trunk and leaves of the tree are used to make cooking and cleaning utensils, furniture and shelter, instruments even the tree root can be used as a dye. We've heard of a frayed root being used as a toothbrush! 

With this abundance of uses for the coconut tree, Mother Nature has excelled herself. It’s little wonder that it is called ‘The Tree of Life’.

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