Wooden Coconut Spoon
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Wooden Coconut Spoon

These Wooden Coconut Spoons are perfect for digging into smoothie bowls. 

They are great for every day use and great for scooping up whatever nourishing meal you have in your coconut bowl.

Product Description

Our Coconut Palm spoons are made from the palm wood from Coconut trees.

Coconut Palm wood is one of the most sustainable woods on the planet. Coconut trees begin bearing fruit (coconuts) within 4 years of being planted, and they continue to produce coconuts for around 60 years before they begin to die.
Coconut plantations cut these trees down and plan new trees to begin harvesting coconuts again. This process continues in a cycle, however many plantations have no use for the trees once cut down and they are often burned as waste.

Each spoon is cut, sanded and cleaned before a virgin coconut oil polish is applied. Every spoon is unique and has so much personality with its own colour and pattern.