10 steps to living fully, whole heartedly and with authenticity

May 08, 2018

Juliane Nowe of Yoga Nowe gives us tips on how to find your lifestyle and LIVE it. There is no right or wrongs. It's your choice and your power, find what feels good and keep doing that every day. This. Is. Your. Life...

Plant-based Nutrition: Store-bought snacks verse homemade

May 01, 2018

Is that “high protein muesli bar” really that good for you... or is it just great marketing? When it comes morning teatime at work or school you are likely ready for a little something to munch on to tide you over until lunch. Most of us are pretty similar when searching for lunchbox snacks for the week, we want delicious, healthy and convenient options. The problem is, sometimes its hard to decipher if a product really is all its cracked up to be, or if it is just clever marketing? 


April 17, 2018

Last but definitely not least, I have the final blog on the answers to your plant based nutritional questions! In this post i'll be covering weight loss, immunity, soy and pregnancy...

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