The do's and don'ts of making a healthy smoothie bowl

August 01, 2018

As life seems to be getting heavier and harder, some light eating is one easy antidote. Smoothie bowls are appearing in every cafe and supermarket so let’s investigate the dos and don'ts of making a healthy smoothie.

Ten top tips for self-care

July 25, 2018

 Self-care is a huge deal right now. I mean, everyone is talking about it. But how many people know how to actually practice self-care effectively? Some of you may be brand new to the idea of self-care and have no clue where to start. For others, you may be well aware of self-care practices and ideas, but you may be feeling lost in the world of self-love.

Summer glass noodle salad

July 12, 2018

When the summer starts and the temperatures rise so slowly there is nothing better than a healthy but also fresh lunch. The glass noodle salad is light and healthy yet filling.

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