Green Garden Nice-cream

 Recipe by Maïlys Larrue


- 2 frozen bananas (chopped and freeze your fresh bananas few hours before)

- ½  avocado

- 1 tablespoon of spirulina powder

- 3 mint sprigs

- 3 kiwis

- ½ lime

- 150 ml of almond milk (or soya milk if you prefer a nut free nicecream)


- Goji berries

- blackberries

- coco powder

- white chia seeds

- edible flowers



Place the frozen bananas in a blender. Add the almond milk along with the kiwis, the ½ avocado, tablespoon of spirulina, mint leaves and the lime juice.

Whiz until smooth then pour into two small bowls.

Top with the goji berries, fresh blackberries (or organic frozen) then sprinkle with the white chia seeds, the coco powder and the fresh edibles. DEVOUR!

TIPS: Try to freeze your fruits few hours before so your nice-cream is creamy and thick.

HEALTHY NOTE: Spirulina is going to give a sweet chlorophyll taste and is a true healthy bonus. This nutritional algae powder is a fascinating superfood full of benefits- antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, improve muscles strength, metal detoxification, neuroprotective effects etc… the list is huge!


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