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Taline Gabriel introduces our new limited edition Hippie Lane Jumbo Coconut Bowls

August 23, 2018

We've teamed up with our favourite health and wellness queen Taline Gabriel to design our newest limited jumbo Coconut Bowls! Taline introduces the bowls and talks about what the design means to her and why she is excited about our partnership.

Emilly's halfway to conquering
the Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls cookbook!

April 26, 2018

So it’s official. I’m half way through my Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls Cookbook. 50 out of 100 recipes made. I said I wanted to cook all 100 recipes from the beginning but even I was expecting to come a across a few recipe fails. I promise you when I say that I am yet to be disappointed, and I haven’t had a recipe fail me!  

A Vegan Bowls Cookbook Review - My new best friend in the kitchen: Emilly Sonsie

February 14, 2018

Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls. I knew I wanted a copy of this cookbook as soon as I saw the title. I was lucky enough to get the book with my coconut bowl for Christmas, and could not have been more excited. I am quite confident in the kitchen and normally don’t follow a recipe, but as soon as I opened this cookbook I knew I wanted to recreate every page.

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