Limited edition Nalu Bowls x Coconut Bowls bowl and spoon combo

We've teamed up with the world famous smoothie bowl shack Nalu Bowls, to create an exclusive limited-edition coconut bowls and spoon combo, which is available on our website from the 13th of October. 

It would be hard to find someone who hasn't heard of the famous Nalu Bowls, on either a trip to Bali or through social media. Since first opening in Seminyak, Nalu Bowls now has 6 locations across Indonesia and they have recently launched in Spain and Portugal. Nalu Bowls have played a huge role in introducing the world to the fun and eco-friendly way of eating from coconut shells, as well as encouraging people to eat more plant-based healthy snacks with their fresh and delicious smoothie bowls!



It's hard to think of a more iconic duo than the smoothie bowl and the coconut shell bowl, don't you think?! Without a doubt, it's the most popular thing our coco community eat in their bowls! So what better way to celebrate our love for the smoothie bowl than to team up with our favourite smoothie bowl shack, and create the ultimate smoothie bowl combo pack! 


The Nalu Bowls combo includes a polished coconut bowl with the Nalu Bowls and Coconut Bowls logos, and a wooden sono spoon. It will be available for a limited time only for $19.99, you can purchase it here.

All you need now is some Nalu smoothie bowl recipes!


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